Turns out you can put a price on happiness but it’s not cheap…


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Beware – this is a long one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another busy day one the beach.

So, this year was a good year and there was a little more in the piggy bank than usual. We pondered about what to do with this little extra. Change the car? Change the temperamental boiler? Invest it sensibly and hope the bank still has it next time we look? Put it away for our kids’ college fund? None of the above ticked my boxes. I was cold, pasty faced and sick of seeing Yorkshire, even if it was enjoying a heyday thanks to the ‘Grand Depart’ and it’s little side kick: ‘Tour De Yorkshire’. Bradley Wiggins may enjoy traipsing about in torrential rain but I’m not a fan. Hence we blew our little pile on a trip to the Maldives and it was worth every penny. Sod home made fun; I’ll have the villa on the beach…

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